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The Esperance Digital Farm Network

High-speed, low latency broadband internet directly to your farm office or home.

EDFN Internet Capture Area

The Esperance Digital Farm Network (EDFN) aims to bridge the performance gap between Regional and Metropolitan internet.

The Esperance agriculture industry plays a huge part in the region’s economy, yet they have limited or substandard access to reliable, cost-effective and fast internet. This inequity dramatically impacts our regional community socially and economically.

Trying to operate a business in the digital age with less than ideal internet can be frustrating, time-wasting, inefficient and is holding the region back.

CipherTel, a regional telecommunications carrier based in Bunbury, delivers high-speed internet to WA’s regional communities, from Kununurra to the South West, via the latest fixed wireless technologies.

Our regional customers are benefiting from improved internet speeds of up to 80/40Mps. They can now effectively conduct business from their farm office, retain staff onsite, have access to improved mobile phone coverage via Wi-Fi calling and enjoy online learning and entertainment services at home.

The Esperance region now has a timely opportunity to develop an enterprise-grade broadband network funded by CipherTel and the State Government.

To ensure the network is developed in your Esperance area, you must register your interest as only areas that meet critical demand will be developed.

If you see the benefit of improved connectivity to your farm office or home, please complete the form below or contact CipherTel to check your location’s service options.

Register for high-speed broadband internet.

The Digital Farm Network - Register Your Interest
Once of setup cost = $2999 ex GST on 36 Month Term. Additional setup costs my apply if not a standard installation.
Only available with at least 1 x Business plan selection. Once of setup cost = $999 ex GST on 36 Month Term. Additional setup costs my apply if not a standard installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Esperance Digital Farm Network (EDFN)?

CipherTel’s EDFN offers a superior fixed wireless internet service to the Esperance region, bypassing congested satellite and old copper lines. It is not NBN or 4G mobile, but a new network specifically designed for farming enterprise to access quality business grade internet at their farm office or home.

CipherTel has developed the project in collaboration with SEPWA, the Shire of Esperance, Esperance Goldfields Development Commission, local growers and industry to ensure the solution meets the region’s needs.

CipherTel has secured the funding required to develop the core network infrastructure under a state government initiative called The Digital Farms Grant Program. Without this funding, the network is not viable and would not be developed.

CipherTel is now seeking user registration to the network as only areas where demand exists will be developed. To register your interest, please complete the form above or contact CipherTel or SEPWA.

P: 08 97925226 E:

Will the network improve mobile phone coverage?

Mobile phone coverage will improve when utilising Wi-Fi calling at the connected farm office or home. This means where coverage inside was previously poor; mobile calls will now be possible. CipherTel can assist in setting up Wi-Fi calling if required.

What are the network speeds and how much data will be provided?

A range of speeds is offered from 25/5Mbps to 80/40Mbps. Network speed can be higher on request suitable for larger operations. CipherTel can assist in identifying the right speed for your requirement.

Monthly data usage ranges from 500GB to unlimited for business plans, and there are no excess charges when you go over.

What are the costs to connect and benefit from the service?

To use and enjoy high-speed broadband internet, users will contribute a connection fee and monthly subscription fee. The subscription fee ranges from $299 to $499 per month, depending on the service type and plan selected. CipherTel can assist in ensuring the right plan is recommended for your requirements.

What does the setup/connection fee cover?

The setup fee covers the standard installation of the user equipment installed on your farm office or home. The connection fee may vary dependant on additional setup requirements needed to ensure a quality connection to the main tower. Additional costs will be provided in the application form.

How do I connect?

Connecting to the network is simple, seamless and stress-free for the end-user. CipherTel’s trained technician will organise and install the equipment needed to receive high-speed internet to your location.

The installation involves a small dish antenna mounted on the farm office or home, which points back to the closest network tower. A data cable will be routed into your office and connected to your network or wireless router. CipherTel can work with your chosen IT department or contractor to ensure the changeover runs smoothly.

Who do I call when I need support?

CipherTel’s support call centre is located in Bunbury, WA and has locally trained technicians in each of its regional locations to allow us to deliver personal and timely support to you.

P: 08 97915226 or email

In some cases, a taller mast or repeater is required. If this is the case for you, we will advise on the solution and costs before installation.

What effect does bad weather have on the network?

While we can’t control the weather, we can build a network resistant to its effects. To do this, we operate the network in frequencies less affected by rain fade and ensure each user connect to the main tower without obstruction by trees or shrubs.

How do I ensure my area receives network coverage?

A set amount of funding has been made available for developing the network in the Esperance region.

Network towers will be funded and developed when a minimum of 10 users subscribe to the $499 plan. Therefore to ensure your area is developed, you must register for a network connection before the total allocation of funds has been made.

Please register your interest here.

The Digital Farm Network - Register Your Interest
Once of setup cost = $2999 ex GST on 36 Month Term. Additional setup costs my apply if not a standard installation.
Only available with at least 1 x Business plan selection. Once of setup cost = $999 ex GST on 36 Month Term. Additional setup costs my apply if not a standard installation.