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Residential Internet

CipherTel offers high-speed internet services to residents throughout the South West via fixed wireless and “Fibre to the Home” services in some areas. Check below to gain access.

CipherTel’s Fixed Wireless Broadband requires no phone line.

Please speak with one of our sales staff to see what services are available in our area


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CipherTel Fixed Wireless Residential Internet Plans and Critical Information Summary


Our most popular and cost-effective solution, especially for regional customers is CipherTel’s Wireless Residential Broadband.

Fixed wireless provides fast and reliable data, phone and internet services to homes throughout WA. CipherTe’s Wireless Residential Broadband meets the needs of home internet users who are otherwise unable to obtain (via ADLS and congested and degraded copper circuits) fast and reliable internet connections needed for hassle-free internet browsing, emailing, downloading and video streaming etc…. and best of all, NO phone line is required.

Kingston Estate, WA. Fibre to the Home Internet Plans & Critical Information Summary

If you live in Kingston estate (10A/10B/10C) you have access to “Fibre To The Premise” powered by CipherTel’s leading-edge technology. By connecting to the fibre network through CipherTel will enable you to gain internet speeds of up to 25mbs. Streaming video, Internet browsing, downloading, and video calls can all be handled simultaneously with ease. 

Bethanie Fields, Eaton WA, ADSL Internet Plans & Critical Information Summary

If you live in the Bethanie Fields Lifestyle Village, Eaton, WA then you have access to ADSL powered by CipherTel. By connecting to the network through CipherTel, will enable you to gain internet access for keeping in touch with family and loved ones, check emails, conduct secure internet banking, streaming video, Internet browsing, downloading files, and make video calls.