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The Digital Farm Network

CipherTel’s digital farm network aims to bridge the performance gap between Rural and Metropolitan internet.

Agriculture plays a huge part in the Australian economy and yet they have limited or substandard access to reliable, cost-effective and fast internet. This inequity dramatically impacts our regional community socially and economically.

Imagine trying to operate a business in the digital age with less than ideal internet services.

CipherTel, a regional licensed carrier, based in Bunbury WA is delivering high speed internet to WA’s regional communities from Kununurra to the South West via the latest fixed wireless technologies.

Our regional customers are benefiting from improved internet speeds of up to 50/20Mps. They are now able to effectively conduct business from their farm office, retain staff onsite, have access to improved mobile phone coverage via Wi-Fi calling and enjoy online learning and entertainment services at home.

If you are located in regional WA and see the benefit in improving your connectivity to your office or home please complete the form below or contact CipherTel to check service options for your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Digital Farm Network (DFN)?

CipherTel’s DFN offers a fixed wireless internet service bypassing congested satellite and old copper lines. It is not NBN or 4G mobile, but a new network specifically designed for farming enterprise to access quality business grade internet to their farm office or home.

Who do I call when I need support?

CipherTel’s support call centre is located in Bunbury WA and have locally trained technicians in each of its regional locations to allow us to deliver personal and timely support to you.

P: 08 97915226 or email

What does the setup/connection fee cover?

The setup fee covers the standard installation of user equipment to be installed on your farm office or home. The connection fee may vary dependant on region and this cost will be provided in the application form.

In some cases a taller mast or repeater is required. If this is the case for you we will advised the solution and costs prior to installation.

What effect does bad weather have on the network?

While we can’t control the weather we can build a network resistant to it’s effects. To do this we operate the network in frequencies less effected by rain fade and ensure each user connect to the main tower without obstruction by trees or shrubs.